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Karina Smith

Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science


This TextBase is an attempt to collect information on current textbooks within the field of laboratory animal science and to provide a searchable database of this information free of charge on the Internet. We hope that this will contribute to the more frequent use of relevant literature within the field, and therefore to improved laboratory animal welfare.

The quality of this database will depend to a large extent on feedback from its users. The main task of the Compiler of TextBase is to maintain another database, the NORINA database of alternatives to the use of animals in teaching and training.
Please note that some of this information, particularly prices and publishers/suppliers, may change at short notice. We suggest that you contact your local bookstore or library for the latest information. Please also contact TextBase's compiler if you discover significant errors in the database.

The information in NORINA and TextBase complement each other. We strongly suggest a search in NORINA if you do not find the information you seek in TextBase, and vice versa.

Current Web version of TextBase last updated: December 8th 2004
Number of records in current version of TextBase: 1081

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This TextBase is available free of charge on the Internet thanks to generous assistance from the following:


TextBase is offered to the laboratory animal science community as an aid to locating relevant literature. Many of the books cited are not held by the Laboratory Animal Unit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Medicine. Information on these has been collected from a variety of sources. While we have made every effort to control its quality, and to ensure that this compilation does not infringe "fair use" of copyrighted material, we cannot guarantee the product, and we request immediate feedback if this is not the case.

Likewise we invite users of the database to submit bibliographic information on books that deserve a place in the database, but which are not already cited, to the compiler.


DirectTextbook: a site for comparing the prices of textbooks, with links to bookstores.

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