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Current Web version of NORINA last updated: December 8th 2004
Number of records in current version of NORINA: 3815
The information in NORINA has been collected from: 1991 - present day

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Other sites that may be of assistance

NORINA (A Norwegian Inventory of Alternatives)

The Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo, has compiled an English-language database of audiovisuals and other alternatives for use in the biological sciences. The primary purpose of the database is to offer an overview of possible alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in student teaching, at all levels from schools to university. The database consists of approximately 3500 entries, (December 2000) including computer programs, CD-ROMs, interactive videos, films and more traditional teaching aids such as slide series, 3-D models and classroom charts. All records have been classified into one or more of over 30 Categories and one or more of a similar number of Types of Record, to aid searching the database. There is also a section for Contact Persons who are developing and/or using audiovisuals at their institution, and for suppliers of audiovisuals. Users, developers and suppliers of audiovisuals are invited to send in details for future upgrades of the database.
We have a separate TextBase for textbooks addressing laboratory animal science. This database includes many reference works that may be of value when planning alternatives to, for example, dissection classes.

Who is behind NORINA?

The NORINA database is compiled by Karina Smith at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo. The idea of collecting information on alternatives to laboratory animals was first conceived by Richard Fosse at the Haukeland Hospital, Bergen, Norway. His prototype database which contained about 40 entries was expanded to NORINA as you'll meet it today, with nearly 4000 entries.

Web Version Acknowledgements:

The Web version of NORINA has been developed by Rees Griffiths, Information Systems Manager at the School of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Without his enthusiastic support of the project and his hard work, this site would not have existed. We are very grateful for his efforts.

The Web version, including the Australian mirror site, were made possible with the financial assistance of ANZCCART (Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching).

NORINA Acknowledgments

Richard Fosse sparked off our interest in alternatives and paved the way for the production of a database by introducing us to Macintosh computers and the Filemaker Pro database program in particular. We are very grateful for his support.

Veterinarian Ken Boschert, University of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is widely known for his definitive collections of electronic information on all aspects of animals and veterinary medicine. He is moderator of the CompMed mailing list and host of NetVet and The Electronic Zoo. Ken kindly produced the initial home pages for NORINA on his own server. Ken selected the NORINA database as "Pick of the Litter" in 1996. We strongly recommend that you visit his site and spend plenty of time browsing the considerable amount of information to be found there.

Our sysops at the Veterinary School, Magne Okkenhaug, Mona Syversen and Gjermund Holden have hooked us up to the Internet and guided us safely and cheerfully through innumerable problems. They have constructed a separate website for the Veterinary School here in Oslo.

Further details from:

Karina Smith, Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, P.O. Box 8146 Dep., N-0033 Oslo, Norway. Fax: +47 22 96 45 35. Phone: +47 22 96 45 74. email (Internet):

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