The Hollow Organ

Record number: 4413

Category: Surgery

Type: Simulator

Description: The Hollow Organ is a laminated polyurethane surgical simulator model in closuring technique. It can be reused and closed over 10-15 times if handled properly. The accompanying autotutorial demonstrates closure technique using the simulator.

Comments & References: Contact Trudy Busby in the Autotutorial Laboratory, The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine for more information on the autotutorial (item number 2463) or Dr. Daniel D. Smeak at for more information on this simulator. The autotutorial video film won the National Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association Autotutorial of the Year Award. The simulator is described in an article in Veterinary Surgery by Smeak DD, Hill LN, Beck ML, Shaffer CA and Birchard SJ: Evaluation of an autotutorial-simulator program for instruction of hollow organ closure. Please see record number 4414 for another similar simulator.

Price: US$60.00 + shipping

Author: Smeak D.D, Hill L.N, Beck M.L, Shaffer C.A, Birchard S.J.

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