By Karina Smith (Senior Consultant)

A database of books within Laboratory Animal Science

TextBase is a collection of information on textbooks within the field of laboratory animal science.

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Norecopa maintains three other additional databases:

  1. 3R Guide, covering 3R-resources of use to those planning or conducting animal experiments (databases, guidelines, information centres, email lists, journals)
  2. NORINA covering alternatives to the use of animals in teaching and training
  3. Classic AVs (a subset of NORINA covering audiovisuals using older technology)
Searches in one database return hits in the other three plus hits on the webpages on this website.
While we make every effort to keep the information in these databases updated, we cannot accept responsibility for factual errors, including availability and price.  As we do not supply these products ourselves, we suggest you always contact the supplier for the latest information before you order.  Please contact the compiler of TextBase if you discover errors in the database.

NORINA was created and developed by Senior Consultant Karina Smith at the Laboratory Animal Unit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. NORINA was taken over by Norecopa in 2011. The project is now financed by Nordisk Samfunn mot Smertevoldende Dyrefors°k. The project has also received a donation from the Stiansen Foundation.


For more information about the NORINA database, please contact karina.smith@vetinst.no.

Number of records in TextBase: 1711
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