Other databases
By Adrian Smith

Information on other databases of relevance to the 3Rs is located in the 3R Guide database.

A large number of databases within the biomedical sciences have been established in recent years. Some or all of the contents of many of these is relevant when searching for resources to implement the 3Rs.

We have collected information about these databases, together with details of guidelines, regulations & policies, information centres, journals and email lists, in a separate database entitled 3R Guide, available on this website:

3R Guide can be used to retrieve a list of databases: click here.

Historical note
A Workshop was held in Neubiberg, a suburb of Munich, Germany, in 1996 to bring together those working on alternatives databases. This was one of the first attempts to do so. The Workshop was funded by ECVAM and hosted by the Akademie fr Tierschutz which is a part of of the Deutscher Tierschutzbund ( German Animal Welfare Federation). The official proceedings have been published:

Janusch A, van der Kamp M, Bottrill K, Grune B, Anderson DC, Ekwall B, Howald M, Kolar R, Kuiper HJD, Larson J, Loprieno G, Sauer UG, Smith AJ & van der Valk JBF (1997): Current status and future developments of databases on alternative methods. The Report and Recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 25. ATLA 25 (4): 411-422.

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