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By Adrian Smith

This new version of the website is still being developed and there is no doubt room for improvement. Please let us know if you find errors or if you have other comments to improve its user-friendliness.  You can use the Feedback form in the right margin of each page.

General comments:

 Please note that the search engine does not index "noise words" like 'and', 'or', single letters of the alphabet (a, b, c) and single figures (1, 2, 3), to avoid returning large numbers of irrelevant results.  This may occasionally cause problems.  For example, in the NORINA database there are products containing the phrase "K-9" such as the "Jerry" K-9 CPR Mannikin.  A search for "K-9" will not return a result.

This problem also arises with the ampersand character (&).  The search engine will not find the book "The Laboratory Hamster & Gerbil" if the title is spelled this way, but it will find it when the title is spelled "The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil".

Search strings entered in the "Search" fields must not be longer than a total of 25 characters.  If this limit is exceeded, the database will return a "not found" message, even if the words are in fact contained on a page.  An example of this is a search for The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Human Functional Anatomy.  It is important to bear this in mind when searching for book titles, product names or other long phrases.

If you wish to use a "wildcard" to truncate a word, please use an asterisk (*).  For example, rat* will find not only rat, but also rats, ratio, rate etc.

The NORINA and TextBase databases:

If you have questions about the content of these databases, please send an email to

While we make every effort to keep the information in these databases updated, we cannot accept responsibility for factual errors, including availability and price.  As we do not supply these products ourselves, we suggest you always contact the supplier for the latest information before you order.

There are separate Help Pages for the two databases, which you can access here:



Please send comments or questions about other parts of the website to


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